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Experience Digital Paradise

Paradise is considered the ultimate destination. It's any place that is ideal and free from worry.​

SDOCCA Cyber creates digitally confident citizens worldwide by removing fear and friction from the online experience. ​

Our goal is to help all people experience digital paradise through personal cyber education and resiliency strategies.

Our Services

We offer powerful cyber security solutions that keep citizens, companies and countries - safe, secure and productive.

CEO/Founder Cyber Briefing

Our Services

Threat Detection & Reporting

Many organizations are under attack... and don't even know it. Let us help you identify threats and implement solutions.

Knowledge is power. Our services are highly-confidential, agile and will deliver immense value - as well as peace of mind.

CEO & Founder Cyber Briefings

When something goes wrong at a company, one person is accountable - the CEO/Founder. We partner with leaders to ensure they are fully aware of risks and have all the right controls in place to thrive in business.

Next-Gen Identity Solutions

81% of cyber breaches occur because of weak or stolen passwords. Imagine a world without passwords. Enhance security, reduce costs and improve the human experience with Passwordless Authentication.

Personal Cyber Assessment

How safe are you? Let us assess your personal software, hardware, network and practices to ensure you are not at risk. We protect you against keylogging, SIM jacking, ransomware, data breaches,CCTV hacks, phishing scams and more. We prefer to help you proactively. If you've been impacted in any way, the first call you make is to SDOCCA Cyber.

Cyber Literacy Workshop

Let's raise the level of cyber literacy in your company by getting everyone on the same page. The annual survey or random phishing email test is not enough. Our comprehensive in-person workshops are informative and immersive. See immediate results with a SDOCCA Cyber Group Workshop.

Cyber Security


Cyber Attacks are complex and costly. It is the fastest growing crime in the world, and will significantly impact the digital well-being of individuals and organization. Schedule a Cyber security keynote to help prepare your organization. Our speakers bring with them expertise, energy and confidence in delivering deep relevance to the audience.


Do you know what information is out there about YOU?

Knowledge is Power. Let's get all the facts gathered so you can make an informed decision about your cyber security. When it comes to cyber resiliency, the more you know... the stronger you will be. 

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